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Services related to horse riding are offered by ranches in the villages Vysoká pri Morave, Veľké Leváre, Lozorno, Jablonové, Stupava, Gajary, Kostolište and Malacky. >The offers include riding courses and horse riding, or hippotherapy. Providing of accommodation associated with agro-tourism activities has not been sufficiently developed yet. The accommodation on the farm or yard is currently provided by Ranč u Dúnarú in Veľké Leváre and by ranch Gladis in Gajary.

Penzión Galloper
Galloper Club, Vápenka 15,
Devínska Nová Ves, 841 07 Bratislava
Tel: +421 2 6446 1998, +421 2 6446 1897
Fax: +421 2 6446 2232

Karpatia Jazdecký klub
Poľný mlyn 1
Záhorská Bystrica
Tel: 0903923303
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