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Dolné Záhorie territory belongs to river Morava drainage basin. The Morava River joins the Danube River near the Devín Castle. In its flooding area the Morava River created a system of branches and wetlands; large part of its bottomland is under administration of the Záhorie Protected Landscape Area.
The most important inflows of the Morava River, flowing through the territory, are Rudava and Malina. They belong to several short streams originating in the Little Carpathians and flowing through the Borská plain. Richness of water stream networks is low, influenced by large areas of aeolian sands and by a strong impact of human intervention (streams treatment and hydroameroliation). Lakes (remains of gravel and sand mining), such as the lakes in Plavecký Štvrtok, Malé Leváre and Jakubov, are located in the territory as well. The artificial reservoirs created by slacking water streams are located near villages of Lozorno, Kuchyňa and Rohožník. The important water reservoirs also are ponds used for intense fish breeding, such as the Jakubov ponds, Marhecké ponds near Malacky and the ponds in the military training area.

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