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Dolné Záhorie region is located in the southwest of Slovakia. The natural borders of this area are formed by the Little Carpathians in the east and the Morava River in the west, which is also a border with Austria. It borders the suburbs of Bratislava in the south.
The highest peak is Vysoká peak in the Little Carpathians (754m), the lowest point is the bottomland of the Morava River (app.140 m).
Most of the territory is of plain character. The main geomorphologic features are the Little Carpathians and the Záhorská plain, more particularly its part, the Borská plain. The Borská plain covers most of the area. Smaller parts belonging to the Borská plain in the west corner of the territory are as follows: the Dolnomoravská bottomland and the Záhorská plain. Podmalokarpatská depression is located between the Little Carpathians and the Borská plain.

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