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Tourist towers

Although no tourist towers are located directly in the region, we would like to inform you about the nearest towers, from which you can enjoy views of the east, as well as of the west of Malé Karpaty.

Veľká Homola, Pezinok and Modra
Tourist tower at 709.2 meters high mountain peak Veľká Homoľa in Malé Karpaty, was built at the end of 2001. The first tourist tower on this mountain was built by Modranská tourist society already in 1894. 20 meters high observation tower offers a view around, the view of Malé Karpaty, Považský Inovec, Tríbeč, the Austrian Alps panorama. It is easily accessible from all sides. The convenient access to the tourist tower takes approximately one hour following the tourist trails marked red from the bus stop at Zochova cottage, approximately three hours following the same marked tourist trails from Pezinok town, and about two hours following blue tourist marks from Modra town.

Kukla Doľany
20 metres high wooden tourist tower is situated on the hill with the height of 709 metres above see level since the year 2001. This tower provides beautiful view of far surrounding. Kukla (564 m above see level) is a significant separate hill in Malé Karpaty above the village Dubová, 6 km to the north of Modra town. The hill is covered with typical Karpaty oak- beech forest. The top ridge is narrow, elongated, with small tourist tower built on its top deck. On the west side 25 meters high rock Čertové zuby is suitable also for training climbing. On the southern bottom are situated cottage resort and recreational camp Fúgelka. The tourist tower is available following the trails:
Blue-marked tourist trail from Dubová village, passing the cottage Fúgelka to Kukla hill and then to the crossroad Tri Kopce and the way to Zochova cottage.
The yellow-marked trail from the Red Stone Castle, across the village Píla to the crossroad following the blue- marked trail to Kukla hill. Take blue marked trail from Zochova cottage to the crossroad Tri Kopce and then to Kukla hill.
Green-marked tourist trail leads from Modra - Harmony to the crossroad of Tri Kopce, following the blue marked trail.

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