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Mountain cottages

Cottage areas and mountain cottages are stable components of Dolné Záhorie region. Particularly, cottage areas – Plavecký Štvrtok – Vampil, Pri Jazere, Jakubov pri Centnuse, along Maliny, Láb – the lake, Malé Leváre – Pri jazere Rudava, Pri jazere Rudava - At Vývrat Water Reservoir , Pernek - Pod Babou, Stupava – Pod Pajštúnom, Borinka – Medené Hámre, Zochová cottage, Tomky, Košarisko, further in dams surrounding of Buková, Lozorno, Kuchyňa. However, enough hostels respectively shelters for tourists who need to hide from bad weather are available also in smaller and lower mountains than Malé Karpaty.

Chata pod Lesom
If you go walking the red marked tourist path from Marianka, taking the direction Borinka possibly Pajštún, approximately 2 km before Borinka on the left side you will find the cottage, which can provide the place for sleeping of up to ten tourists in case of bad weather.

Rozbehy Cottage "Cerová - Rozbehy"
It is a tourist hostel managed by KST Senica. The accommodation is available based on phone call. It is open during the summer season and offers 38 beds. tel.: 034/651 7856, mobil: 0915 374 088

Hundsheimer tourist Hütte (the cottage) - Austria
A new tourist cottage is situated in easy terrain of Hundsheimer hills in app. 460 m above see level and is open to tourists year round. The cottage is accessible from the villages Wolfstahl, Berg, and the town Hainburg.

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