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The PALTOUR project has been implemented within the Programme of Transboundary Cooperation between the Slovak Republic and Austria for the period from 2007 to 2013 and co-financed from the ERDF. The project partners - the city of Malacky and the city of Marchegg share the history of the house of Pálffy - a fact proved by the mansions in the Pálffy style in both the cities. The purpose of the project is to connect the Lower Záhorie and the Lower Austria by means of the so-called Pálffy tourism.

Project starting points

Inadequate promotion of cultural sights in the bordering region, low relationship intensity in terms of tourism between the bordering cities and regions, poor information distribution with respect to the shared history of both the countries

Inadequate employment of the cultural, historical and natural potential of the country in the Lower Záhorie region due to poor management and marketing level in terms of culture and tourism

Project objectives

To advance tourism development and ensure its sustainable development by establishing regional centres of destination management (RCDM) in the region , which would plan, manage and cover, in terms of marketing, the local tourism

To intensify cooperation between self governments and experts on preservation of cultural values, history, culture and tourism

Project outputs

Formation of a multilingual transboundary tourist information portal,

Reconstruction of a part of the mansion in Malacky, formation of a gallery and a room of the house of Pálffy

Establishment of a Regional Centre of Destination Management (RCDM) in the mansion in Malacky

Reconstruction of the archives of Pálffy in Marchegg

Educational historical trails, with information boards in Malacky and Marchegg

Establishment of a network of information centres and its interconnection with the Lower Austrian information network

Development of transboundary tourism products

Mutual promotion of the existing cultural/social events and new activities organized by the RCDM

Rotating travelling exhibitions promoting the partners and the strategic partners of the project

Organization of joint international cultural events, implementation of traditions

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Rebuilding the railway station
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