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The town is located in the eastern area of Wienviertel at the foot of Mount Steinberg. It consists of nine local divisions: Blumenthal, Eichlorn, Gaiselberg, Gösting, Grossinzersdorf, Loidesthal, Maustrenk, Windisch - Baumgarten and Zistersdorf. The first written mention dates from 1160 as Zisteisdorf. The prehistoric site Gaiselberg, which was discovered in 1928, documents the earliest proofs of an area settlement. In 12th century, the area was mentioned as a settlement owned by Kuenring family. At that time, Zistersdorf had a form of fortress and later was around it built the mound, ditch and wall. In the 14th century, after the extinction of Kuering family, it was taken under the administration of Liechtenstein family and later Pottendorf family. At the end of the 15th century, Zistersdorf County became an imperial estate. In 1622, the entire estate was owned by Rudolf von Teuffenbach. At that time, here was built nursing home for the poor. After his death, Althan family became the owners. At the beginning of the 19th century, the whole county was taken by Imperial Military Academy of Maria Theresa in Vienna. In 1927, the castle was bought together with the mansion by the Zisterdorf town. In the year 1960, the chamber of Lower Austria traders bought the castle and set there up a trade school.

Roman - Catholic Church of the Virgin Mary belongs among the most interesting historical monuments in Zistersdorf. It was originally built in Romanesque style, but in the 15th century, it was renovated in Gothic style. Baroque design, which the church got at the late 17th century, has been preserved to present. The picture of the Ascension of the Virgin Mary and the statues of St. Benedict and St.Bernhard are placed on the main altar. Another important monument is the church and Franciscan monastery, built by Rudolf von Teuffenbach. The monastery, which after the departure of the Franciscan, was gained by the monastery in Zwettl, was rebuilt into the vicarage. The church became the parish church of the town. The Trinity Column has been located on the main street since 1747; it is built from the stone imported from Eggenburg.

This area has a long tradition in oil mining, as evidenced by the numerous drilling towers around Zistersdorf.

Source: Kollár, D., Ovečková, J., Ovečková, M.: Slovensko – Rakúske pomoravie, Dajama 1996.

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