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Rohožník village lies in the Borská plain between the Little Carpathians and pine forests that are part of the Military district Záhorie. The first written reference to this village dates back to 1532. In the time period 1582 – 1584 there used to be a printing house of P.Bornemisz the preacher and it was relocated into this area from the Plavecký castle. The church traces back to 1860. The Rudávka, Vývrat a Rohožnícky streams flow through this territory. Rohožník as well as the nearby villages are rich in underground water. Several springs rise in here, they are drinking water resources. In the northwest territory of the village the peatland Rybník is located. On the south from Rohožník there is the water reservoir Vývrat with a cottage area. The peak Vysoká (754m) with its excellent view is an important tourist locality in this area. It is surrounded by the conservation area Vysoká that is famous for rich range of plant and animal species. Rohožník and its territory is a popular mushroom picking site. The Little Carpathian Cycle Route passes through the village. Nearby the village there is an operating cement mill that causes limestone mining in nearby hills.

Rohožník Events 2010

9 5.2010 - Mother's Day in the Culture House, Rohožník
5 6.2010 - Fairytale world at Rašelina on the occasion of International Children's Day
20.6.2010 - Father's Day in the Cultural House Rohožník
7 8.2010 - Folk Art Festival - village festival in 2010 in front of the Cultural House and the District Office in Rohožník, 7 folk bands, the bands Smola a Hrušky, Mango Molas and Hrdza will perform there
25.9.2010 – 4th year of the contest at goulash cooking in front of the Cultural House in Rohožník
16.10.2010 – pumpkin parade from the cultural house in Rohožník across the village
23rd 10.2010 – meeting of retired in the Culture House
5-06/12/2010 - Nicholas is coming to us – the lighting of the Christmas tree in Rohoznik in front of District Office

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