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Malacky is a natural centre of the Záhorie region. It is located in the middle of a south area of the Záhorská plain, between the Little Carpathians and the Morava river, 30 km north from Bratislava. The town borders on the Military district Záhorie on the east.

The first written reference to this village dates back to 1206 when the Malacky town is referred to as a hamlet near the Malinský stream. Development in the 16th century is related to reign of the Balaša´s family who brought and enforced evangelistic faith. The town gained a right to hold a market and the first school was established here. In the 17th century the Balaša´s family died out and the Pallfy´s family started to reign in Malacky. The Pallfy´s family enforced recatholisation and established the Franciscan monastery in 1652. In 1771 the Malacky town became part of State conveyor and postal network. In 1891 a railway connection between Bratislava and Skalica was created.

Malacky disposes of several notable historic landmarks. The mansion was built in the first half of the 17th century originally in renaissance style, in 1808 it was restored in a classicist style. The English park with valuable wood species is part of the mansion. It used to serve as a hospital. In 2007, the Mansion was bought from the Franciscans by the town of Malacky. Building the area of the Franciscan church and monastery castellated by a wall with corner bastions was finished in a baroque-renaissance style in 1653. Under the church there are crypts with members of the Pallfy´s family and Franciscan monks’ remains. There are also valuable saintly relicts of the Pallfy´s family members and Franciscans. The crypts were made available for the public. In the town centre there is a synagogue from 1886.

Surrounding of Malacky is suitable to cycling thanks to its plain terrain. The marked cycle routes pass through Malacky as follows: Malacky – Borský Mikuláš – Senica and the Záhorie Cycle Route. The nearby area of bottomland of the Morava river is accessible by bike. A wide area of Malacky offer good opportunities for sport fishermen and hunters. The town is accessible from the D2 highway and by railway on the way Bratislava – Kúty.

There are several accommodation facilities and a sufficient number of catering facilities. In the town there is a summer open air pool with heated water, an indoor swimming pool, a sport hall and an ice ring during the winter months.

In this year will Malacky on the Applefeast at first time participate.This event take in framework project of county autumn. In our city we will cost different products from apple. We are inviting the citizens of Malacky to tasting of products. It will take a culturprogram place as well. If you have a feeling to show what you can made from apples, you can join us. The coordinator of event is the Regional Culturcenter of Modra ("At the first time the event lasted only two hours - All had been eating and drinking and we could go at home," remembering D. Mladenovová from Modra.) Applefeast in Malacky at 2011 9.00 -14.00 hour at parkplace in front of City office. 9.00 h Chearleaders group 9.15 h Intercession of Mayor 9.30 h Theatergroups FS Macejko, Divadlo na hambálku 10.30 Theatergroup Červené jabĺčko from Rovinka 11.00 Dancing studio Saltatrix 11.30 Vlado Handl songs Partners: Freetime Center (CVČ), nonprofitable organisation Vstúpte (n.o.), Pensionerclub, citizenscorporation Zlatý vek.


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