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The village is situated in the most northern tip of Marchfeld plains on the north from Angern. The first written mention dates from the year 925, where are two villages Tyso and Jedunf near the river Moravia mentioned. In the history of the village, there is an interesting battle between Rudolph I. Habsburg and Czech King Otakar II. , this battle was named as the Battle of Moravian field. The granite memorial stone - battle memorial is placed between Jedenspeigen and Dürnkrut. The knight of Otakar seal is imaged there.

The castle, whose appearance is a result of several reconstructions, modifications and extensions, is an important historical monument. Above the gate, there are located coats of arms of Count Kollonitz and his wife Countess Fuchsberg. During the battle with Napoleon I. Bonaparte, the castle served as a military hospital. At present, it is the seat of exposition, which documents the course of the battle from the year 1278.

The church from 14th century was built in Gothic style. In 19th century, it was renovated from outside by the architect F. Schmidt. The oldest historical document – a tombstone of priest Wolfger made from red marble, which is buried within a stone wall, can be found in this church.

Local part Sierndorf an der March is the first time mentioned in written in the year 1260. It is in particular known as a prehistoric field. In 1976, there was opened a museum with a permanent exposition of the findings from the prehistoric period.

Source: Kollár, D., Ovečková, J., Ovečková, M.: Slovensko – Rakúske pomoravie, Dajama 1996.

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