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The village is situated at the foot of Matzner Hügelland upland southwest from Zistersdorf. The first written mention dates from 1176 when the village is mentioned as an area that was created by combining the two lands and a vineyard. An important part of economic life was created by wine production. Among the interesting documents is a list of taxes from the individual beverages. In 1677 there was built a mill of grapes, but it was with all the accessories put into the auction. The village is also located on wine road Matzner Hügel - Hochleithen. Every year in November the vineyard club organizes here wine tasting during Leopold Tourist March.

The most important architectural monuments include late Baroque Church, which is built on the foundations of a Roman church from the 13th century. Originally, there was an old church dedicated to St. Radegunda or St.Cross. Out of world heritage, the town hall with baroque tower from 1612 is very important. The town hall clock comes from the year 1719. The hall burned down in 1725; however, it was renewed in 1739.

Source: Kollár, D., Ovečková, J., Ovečková, M.: Slovensko – Rakúske pomoravie, Dajama 1996.

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