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It is located in the valley of the Stupavský stream between the saddles of the Little Carpathians. The dominating feature of this village is ruins of the Pajštún Castle on a limestone cliff at an altitude of 486 m. The first written reference to this village dates back to 1314 when it was referred to as Pelystan. The current name is derived from the Hungarian name of the village Borostyánkö that means Amber. The village was developed in the extramural settlement of the Pajštún Castle. In 1828 there were 98 houses and the population reached 698 people. People dealt with agriculture, lime and coal calcinations, manufacture and selling wooden pots and pans and brooms in Bratislava and its surrounding. In the 18th century the following were located: a gunpowder production plant, a paper mill, a brick plant, a glasshouse and a sawmill. On the footing of an older building in the centre of the village the Roman Catholic Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus from 1864 is built.

The Pajštún Castle is accessible from Borinka along the tourist path marked with red that continues to Košariská through the saddle Kozlisko.

Another ruins near the village is Dračí hrádok. It is the watchtower ruins dated back to 13th century. It is located at an altitude of 370m, on the hill above the valley of the Stupavský stream.

Nearby the village is located a hamlet Medené Hámre that used to be famous for its copper pots and pats manufacture. The baroque St. Michael the Archangel Chapel has retained only, it dates back to 1743. Nowadays it serves for an important marked hiking paths crossroad.

Between Borinka and Lozorno in the Little Carpathians there is located a tourist area Košariská that serves for a popular resting-place for biker as well as hikers. Several paths and an asphalt pavement lead here. For vehicles the area is accessible in the direction to Borinka. The locality offers refreshment and overnight stay in a shelter hut.

Between Košariská and Borinka, above the canyon valley of the Stupavký stream there are located several caves of Borinský carst, not accessible for public though.

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